About www.mytipglass.com

www.mytipglass.com was created by Attorney WILLIS EVERETT SMITH, ESQ of KINGWOOD, TEXAS who is the owner and CEO of the site, as well as its first contributor. It's Logo and Name were Trade Marked and Copywrited in November of 2009 at the United States Patent And Trademark Office in Washington D.C. with all rights reserved. The Marks also enjoy International Trademark protections.

The website was created to allow people, both video contributors and non-contributor viewers in a social video setting to view video(s) that have been uploaded into the website wherein the video contributors' may receive a contribution or "TIP" of money from the viewer or other contributors after watching their video. The video contributors are paid by PAYPAL which is the sole payment processor.

The site was created to allow the full expression of gratitude in a monetary sense to the video contributor for the hard work, entertainment value, infomation and sacrifice that it took them to create, find, and edit videos. Videos for the most part take a long time to make, cost money, and expose people to criticism or accolades from third parties with grades of either poor, good or great review, with nothing else to show for it. The millions and millions of views that the vast majority or videos received from the various video websites on the internet made money for the video site OWNER in increased advertisement revenue, views, and back links. Even if a video on the site received very few views the NUMBER OF VIDEOS viewed on these websites still increased the site's popularity and earned its owner money in the long run. It is a known fact that some videos out there on the Internet received millions and millions of views, but for the most part the video's contributor received nothing in return. Why? Well, the link between the two was always seen in a commercial, product, or service sense…i.e. if someone were selling something or had a service to offer then they could make a video about it and place it on YOUTUBE or wherever and try and sell it. However, what if the person were not selling anything or they were not in a business, but were just giving "advice", or they were "displaying their talent", or explaining a "how to do something" or they made you "laugh" or "cry" or were "cute and cuddly" or were "inventive" or "made you think" or "gave you words of inspiration that moved you", or displayed great "poetry" or "rhyme" or "recreated a movie or show in their own way" or they "sang a song in a different language that you thought was not possible", or made a "Rap Opera" that was entertaining or anything else that you thought was worthy of a small TIP. This website was created for all those situations and countless others that people have created or will create in the future that may have some TIP value to someone out there. Instead of people having to sell something or partner with someone or get a commission or store something, here they can just sell THEMSELVES, their talent, their expression, their individuality, their needs, their expertise, and their interest. They may not receive anything in return or they may receive something…but at least they have a shot at receiving something because of this website and will likely do a better job or make a better video because of it. This website was also created to help to encourage people to make better more entertaining, educational, or instructional videos by them realizing that the videos that they are making can earn them money if it is produced with care, is entertaining, is original and has a purpose.

Unlike other video platforms that cater to large companies or run advertisements on the videos before you can watch the video, or showcase popular entertainers as the focus, www.mytipglass.com has a PEOPLE to PEOPLE focus wherein each person is given their own video channel to market their videos in bulk with a TIPGLASS LOGO BUTTON displayed for them to receive their TIPS. No one has to compete with a popular artist for face time if they are doing a cover of that artist's song just because the artist may have more views. The www.mytipglass.com link where the video is on the site as well as our specific YOUTUBE video area for all of their YOUTUBE videos and the www.mytipglass.com links to these videos can be placed on your FACEBOOK announcement pages, MYSPACE, BLOGS, etc. for anyone to see, click-on and make a TIP. The location of the MYTIPGLASS video can also be easily marketed on or over an existing YOUTUBE, YAHOO, METACAFE , OR HULU video by simply placing an IN VIDEO TEXT overlay announcement of where the video can be viewed on the www.mytipglass.com link to their video location, or wherever links can be placed. The www.mytipglass.com site is very different from the other video websites because the video contributors on this website will not likely just leave their videos PARKED and UNATTENDED. In addition, because people don't need their own videos to participate in the site because they can actually search the internet to find or prospect for possible video's that are FREE to use since they open source videos, Non-Copy Written or Trademarked works, contributors on this site are more likely going to work the site and tell friends or relatives about the site or send them their links to view. This is their SOFT market group, i.e. friends and family, who are more likely to be the first line of TIPPERS. The video contributors here will also likely market their links all over the Internet, even in different languages in order to increase their TIPS…this is encouraged.

In addition, video contributors on this site will more than likely visit other TIPGLASS video contributor's videos to see what other TIPGLASSERS are doing to try and make money, and they may even TIP these folks as well. Parents can also set up a www.mytipglass.com account and allow their children or grandchildren to Up-load their videos on their pages and receive TIPS from family and friends by marketing these links on Facebook, MySpace, etc. Also, the site has various Video Display categories for TIPS that are unique to the internet and are themselves a revolution video display technology. These categories include "MEDICAL REQUEST", "RECENTLY DIVORCE", "KIDS", "WEIRD", etc. Finally, the www.mytipglass.com video website truly addresses a fundamental GAP that has been in existence on Video Website since the dawn of the internet, and specifically video viewing…that is most video website are famous for making people famous and getting them a lot of views. But what about making people some money? What good is fame without fortune?….you can't spend fame. The video contributors on www.mytipglass.com will likely market their video links from www.mytipglass.com in the hopes of duplicating their viewer popularity and fame from the other video websites like YOUTUBE, YAHOO, ETC., with a goal to receive a close to equal amount of TIPS. Finally, video contributors can easily keep track of their TIPS through PAYPAL because they will receive notification once they are TIPPED by PayPal and the TIP amount.

The Team

Founder & CEO: Mr. Willis Everet Smith

Lead Software Architect: Mr. Rizwan Raza

Creative Director: Mr. Lee T. Furman


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